Quick Clips From Faculty Experts: The Caregiver Experience

DR. SMALL: Well, it has a huge impact. I mean, we’ve heard how disturbing it is for the patients and for the caregivers. And caregiving is not an easy job. We know there’s a high risk for depression. They lose time. It’s like working 3 or 4 jobs at the same time. And this only makes matters much worse. And then there’s the physical danger we’ve been talking about. If somebody’s psychotic and agitated, they get up quickly; they can fall, break a hip, hit their head. They can lash out and injure someone else. So it’s—it’s really quite a disruptive experience for everyone.

Faculty Insights

Caregivers of adults with dementia-related psychosis are prone to burnout and depression that they might not have
experienced otherwise.

—Pierre N. Tariot, MD