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Linda Gregory


Caregiver of her mother, who is living with Alzheimer's disease dementia and experiencing hallucinations and delusions

Ms. Linda Gregory is the primary caregiver for her mother, Betty, who has Alzheimer’s disease dementia and experiences hallucinations and delusions. In August 2016, a neurologist diagnosed Betty with dementia. Her diagnosis was revised to Alzheimer’s disease dementia in February 2017, and later that year, Betty began to show signs of dementia-related hallucinations and delusions. At the same time, she became agitated and aggressive. As Betty’s condition progressed, Ms. Gregory and her sisters experienced significant emotional distress, and ultimately they decided to move their mother to a memory care unit in an assisted-living facility.

Compelled by her experiences, Ms. Gregory has embarked on sharing the story of her mother to provide insights to healthcare professionals and fellow caregivers about the true impact of dementia-related hallucinations and delusions. She hopes her journey will help families better prepare themselves for the road they will travel and inspire healthcare professionals to better educate and guide these families on what to expect and how to manage dementia-related hallucinations and delusions.

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